Saturday, July 11, 2020

Medical Student Experiences with Ethical and Legal Cases

Image credit: Pexels
Author: David Fine, Medical Student Council President
Originally published: Common Sense
May/June 2020

The purpose of medical education is to train future providers to be prepared for the multitude of patients, presentations, and complications that they might face in their future careers. Ethical and legal dilemmas are incredibly complicated and vary based on where you practice, so they are often less discussed than our essential medical fundamentals. Being somewhat familiar with common problems, however, is relevant not only to your future career but your rotations as well. I aim to share a few of the complex situations that I faced, which may apply to your rotations in the emergency department or on the floors.

Dilemma 1: A patient who was frustrated with long wait times starts the patient interview by stating that they are recording the conversation. 

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Should ST elevation in lead aVR with concern for acute coronary syndrome prompt emergent coronary angiography?

Authors: Akilesh Honasoge, MD, Robert Brown, MD, Samantha Yarmis, MD, Mark Sutherland, MD, Megan Donohue, MD, Hannah Goldberg, MD

Editors: Kami M. Hu, MD FAAEM, Kelly Maurelus, MD FAAEM

Originally published: Common Sense
May/June 2020