Thursday, December 6, 2018

Residency Match – In Hindsight

Image Credit: Pexels
Author: Jake Toy, DO
Modern Resident Blog Editor-in-Chief 
Publications & Social Media Committee Chair

The February 2019 rank residency list deadline is fast approaching. For some, the process of ranking their chosen emergency medicine programs in order of preference was straightforward. For others, including myself, the process of picking a program that balanced superb training and happiness was stress inducing and anxiety provoking to say the least.

As I ranked my programs, I reached out for advice from faculty advisors, peers, and family, only to discover an endless sea of competing thoughts and ideas. Upon searching in the depths of internet blogs, this only further cast a large shadow of doubt and bias on my own rank list. With each person I spoke with and article I read, I found myself left with more questions than answers. At one point, a TV commercial advertising a hospital I was considering as a “World-Class Research Institution & Top Ranked Hospital” threatened to disrupt an initial draft of my program rank list altogether.