Friday, June 1, 2018

Blog Staff, Reviewers, & Mentors

Thank you to our 2018-2019 peer review & editorial team!

AAEM/RSA Leadership:

MohammedMoiz Qureshi, MD
AAEM/RSA President
Penn State

Jessica Fujimoto, MD
AAEM/RSA Vice President
Temple University

Justin Yanuck, MD
AAEM/RSA Secretary-Treasurer
UC Irvine

Ashely Alker, MD
AAEM/RSA Immediate Past President
University of California San Diego Medical Center

AAEM/RSA Blog Leadership:

Jake Toy, DO
Blog Editor-in-Chief
Social Media Committee Chair
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Alex Gregory, MS4
Copy Editor
Social Media Committee Vice Chair
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Nicholas Pettit, DO PhD
RSA Board Liaison to the Social Media Committee
Indiana University

Janet Wilson, CAE
Executive Director, AAEM/RSA

Laura Burns, MA

Senior Communications Manager, AAEM

Cassidy Davis
Communications Manager, AAEM

Madeleine Hanan, MSM
Administrative Manager, AAEM/RSA

Publications Mentors:

Attending physicians or fellows who have agreed to help authors and reviewers learn about and navigate the publications process. Interested attendings/fellows can contact

Michael Epter, MD
Laleh Gharahbaghian, MD
Nikita Joshi, MD
Arayel Osborne, MD
Andrew Phillips, MD MEd
Loice Swisher, MD

Peer Reviewers:

David C. Adams, MD
Bill Christian
Alex Gregory
Ashley Grigsby, MD
Zachary J. Kosak
Caleb Larsen
Daniel F. Leiva, DO
Christopher J. Nash, MD
Nicholas R. Pettit, DO PhD
Jennifer Reink, MD
Jake Toy

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