Friday, November 9, 2012

Resident Journal Review: An Update on Airway Management in Emergency Medicine

Originally Published: Common Sense, Nov/Dec 2012

Original Authors: Authors: Michael Allison, MD; Michael Scott, MD; Kami Hu, MD; David Bostick, MD; Daniel Boutsikaris, MD

Edited by: Michael C. Bond, MD FAAEM; Jay Khapde, MD FAAEM

 There are few clinical skills as important to the emergency physician as emergency airway management. The field of airway management is constantly changing, and the practicing physician must keep abreast of the current trends in laryngoscopy, medication management, prehospital intubation, and the potential complications of intubation. Reviewed here are some of the key airway-related articles published over the past two years.

Direct Laryngoscopy Compared to Video Laryngoscopy

A Young Emergency Physician Appreciates the History of US Emergency Medicine Through the Lens of China's Emergency Departments

Originally Published: Common Sense, November/December 2012 
Original Author: Leana Wen, MD MSc, AAEM/RSA President

I’m a senior EM resident — a young emergency physician, part of the “new breed” that’s always known emergency physicians to be residency trained, and EM as a well-respected field. Being part of AAEM, I’ve heard our leaders talk about the struggles they had in establishing our specialty, but I didn’t have a sense of what they actually went through. Why is it that they so dislike the term “emergency room” and cringe at references to “ER doctors?”