Thursday, September 8, 2011

Resident Journal Review: Post Resuscitation Care

Originally Published: Common Sense, Fall 2011

Original Authors: Daniel Boutsikaris, MD; Michael Scott, MD; Samantha Wood, MD; David Wacker, MD; Ali Farzad, MD; Michael Allison, MD

Edited by Chris Doty, MD FAAEM; and Michael C. Bond, MD FAAEM

This edition of Resident Journal Review starts with a brief review of the current guidelines regarding therapeutic strategies and care of the post cardiac arrest patient.

From there, the article reviews several recently published studies relating to this topic. The intent of this format is to provide the reader with both the most current guidelines, as outlined by the American Heart Association (AHA), in addition to a literature update since their publication.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Spotlight on Leaders in Emergency Medicine: Robert McNamara, MD FAAEM

Originally Published: Common Sense, Fall 2011
Original Author: Leana S. Wen, MD MSc

Robert McNamara, MD FAAEM

Former President of AAEM and current professor and chair at Temple University

This is a new column in
Common Sense where Leana S. Wen, AAEM/RSA secretary/treasurer, interviews leaders in emergency medicine about their experiences, perspectives and insights. The inaugural conversation is with Robert McNamara, MD, former president of AAEM and current professor and chair at Temple University.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to maximize your time and get the most out your training!

Originally Published: Common Sense, Fall 2011
Original Article Author: Ali Farzad, MD

The new academic year is in full swing, and all across the nation students, residents and new attendings continue adjusting to their new roles and responsibilities. During emergency medicine (EM) training, we encounter new and exciting challenges on a daily basis and must use this important time to develop our skills and improve the care we deliver to patients. Regardless of your level of training, balancing the long hours and the demanding nature of our job with the time needed for personal wellness can be difficult. We have all become accustomed to working hard, but to avoid neglecting ourselves and our personal lives, we need to also work smart.